One of the reasons our sales team loves selling Hondas so much are the options they offer. There's nothing better than having a customer walk through our days and knowing we have a car, SUV, or truck that meets their needs.

Our options extend beyond cars alone, however. When you visit our dealership in Jonesboro, AR, you'll also find important choices waiting for you when it comes to financing.

A Loan or Lease? Which One's Right for Me?

When the time comes to pay for your new Honda car, you'll two primary options available: a loan or a lease.

When you use a loan, you can expect higher monthly payments, but also a higher degree of flexibility. You own the car in its entirety and have the freedom to use it however you want as much as you want. And once you've paid off your loan? The car is yours to keep and drive for as long as you wish. That can add up to years of driving payment-free.

Leasing, comparatively, is designed for more short-term commitments. They typically only last a few years, and you'll have to give the vehicle back when the lease term expires. On the pro side, however, you'll also enjoy thorough warranties and, best of all, lower monthly payments. If you're absolutely keen on going home in something new, a lease can be one of the best ways to do it.

Explore Your Options with Help from Our Finance Center

Would you like to know more about loans and leasing? Are you curious about the current financing offers available at Honda of Jonesboro? Satisfy your curiosity with a call or a click to our sales team. They can answer your questions and tell you more about our new Honda inventory.

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