Impressive 2020 Honda Accord Earns Accolades

With the advances in technology and extra effort taken by automakers to bring you the very best and most advanced vehicles you will find, it is getting harder than ever to retain a spot among the top of the heap. That is unless you are the 2020 Honda Accord. Anyone who has had the pleasure of driving this fine sedan knows what sets it apart from the others in its class. Honda of Jonesboro is proud to bring Arkansas drivers the sedan Car and Driver named one of its 10Best Cars of 2020.

So, what caught the eye of the reviewers at Car and Driver? Namely, the publication loves the acceleration and responsiveness achieved through the 1.5-liter inline-four and 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain options. The steering capability of the 2020 Honda Accord takes every twist and turn through Jonesboro with ease. Car and Driver loves the sports car-type "harmony" produced through the unique manual transmission, steering wheel and pedals. In fact, Car and Driver specifically mentions the six-speed manual transmission of the 2020 Honda Accord Sport as one its favorite features.

When we move inside, we find the spacious cabin favored by Car and Driver. It appreciates the amount of legroom provided to passengers in the front and back seats and noticed the calmness granted on bumpy roads. Reviewers take note of the "rewarding, engaging, fun" experience of stepping on the gas of the 2020 Honda Accord. Also hard to miss is the safety afforded by the 2020 Honda Accord, a focal point of Honda for years.

Honda of Jonesboro has long been a fan of this spectacular sedan. It feels good to hear reputable publications, like Car and Driver, point out to the features we have long admired in this beautiful vehicle. It further validates to you, what makes the 2020 Honda Civic a great option when you are heading out to buy your next Honda from Honda of Jonesboro. One test drive and we know you will love it as well.

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