The Honda CR-V is a crossover that offers quite a bit of style for its size. You'll also enjoy the substantial amount of space inside and the technology features that make driving fun and convenient. The vehicle has been modified in recent years, but it still offers the safety that many drivers know and enjoy from Honda. One of the things that you might enjoy is the inline 4-cylinder engine that has been turbocharged. This design gives the vehicle a little more pep, especially when you're taking off from a Jonesboro, AR.

Whether you're driving the CR-V or you're a passenger, you'll notice the comfortable ride due to the 18-inch wheels and the suspension that has been designed so that it absorbs as much shock as possible on the road. You'll almost feel as though you're in a luxury vehicle instead of a crossover because of the relaxing way the vehicle rides over even the largest of bumps in the road. Aside from the suspension, the steering is smooth as well, allowing you to glide around turns and curves without a lot of effort.

If you tend to travel over long distances or you carry a lot of cargo, then you'll enjoy the space that is provided in the CR-V. The rear seats fold in a 60/40 design so that you have even more space to haul long objects or several items at one time instead of making multiple trips. Plenty of legroom is available inside the vehicle as well, giving everyone the comfort, they desire whether it's traveling in a small town or for a few hours on the road. While visiting Honda of Jonesboro, you can talk about the various safety features in the CR-V including adaptive cruise control and cross-traffic alert for the front and rear of the vehicle.

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